Updates for New Dealership coming in early 2022!

Its finally starting!  After many years of planning and planning we are finally about to start construction of our brand new state of the art dealership that will be located on the corner of Durham St and Millenium Way in the Kincardine business park. We will be across the street from the Marriott and kiddy corner to Tim Hortons. We have many upgrades and surprises so make sure to check often for updates and news on what is coming. Its going to be a busy year but we are excited for a fabulous 2022!!  

Domm construction will be our general contractor for the project.


July 12/21

Here we are about to start excavation. This will be huge project as we will be removing all the top soil plus a significant hill to level out the future lot. 

Interesting fact: There will be approximately 700 truckloads moved during the excavation process.

July 30/21

This is looking north from the Mariott parking lot. The basics of the parking lot are in and it is starting to take shape. We can now see the extra space we will have for inventory and customer parking. LOTS of space for customer parking and service vehicles. 

Interesting fact: We will be expanding our parking lot by approximately 56%. 

Aug 15/21

Big day as the building is finally started! The footings are in and this location would be standing at the rear corner of the service department. You can see the indents where the future service bay doors on the west side will be located.

 Interesting fact: Our new sevice dept will be approximately 32% bigger than our current one. Lots of new features coming there. Details to follow. You will want to stay in touch to see updates on all of them.

Aug 23/21

Soon the building will be out of the ground! The walls are soon to be done. From this view you will be looking into the south west corner of the showroom. The pier support you see at the right is for one side of the blue Chevrolet arch and the main entrance. 

Interesting fact: Due to the use of highly efficient glass and building materials the new building is expected to be more efficient than our current one even though it will be much larger.

Sept 8/21

The building is finally out of the ground! We can now start to see what the final size will be. Not seen in the picture but also beign worked on is the "underground" elements  like stormweater management etc. 

Oct 5/21

A lot of work has been done since the last post but it has mainly been work that cannot been seen. The sewer and storm water management work is mostly complete along with the many conduits etc that are now running underground. As you can see in the picture the walls are going up and in the next few weeks things will be changing drastically so stay tuned!